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Paul writes...

1) Why was Klarion wearing a suit (his trademark look) during his first encounter with Vandal Savage, when that fashion style had yet to be invented? Do the Lords of Chaos emulate styles from the past, present and future, since they themselves are "ageless" beings? If so, how is this possible? I hope there's a deeper explanation for this than "it's magic, anything goes"... but it isn't a big deal.

2) Klarion and Child wear suits (or at least, smart/formal clothing). Likewise, so does Phantom Stranger. Is this just a coincidence or is it significant in some way that they all select smart attire?

I doubt that clothing will be discussed in any depth in the next few episodes, so I feel that it's safe to submit these questions.

Greg responds...

1. For the time being, let's say that before choosing his physical form, Klarion bounced around space and time until he found something he liked.

2. Lot's of people wear smart attire. Clark Kent wears a suit. I wouldn't read too much into Stranger's turtleneck. Whether Klarion and Child's attire mirrors each other is a more interesting question to me.

Response recorded on May 11, 2022