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SuperFam Fan writes...

1. Is Martha Kent's maiden name Martha Clark, like in the comics?
2. Did Lois Lane keep her maiden name after marrying Clark, or is she known as Lois Lane-Kent? Given the credits, the former seems likely, but confirmation would be wonderful.
3. Did Clark Kent attend Metropolis University? If so, did he major or minor in English and/or Journalism?
4. Considering Clark, Lois, and Jonny were in Smallville, and Jonny mentioned how Uncle Conner and Wolf would always meet them there, is it safe to assume there is at least one zeta-tube in or nearby Smallville? Is this how Robin, Arsenal, Blue Beetle, and Impulse got to Smallville (to infiltrate LexCorp Farms) back in Season Two, or did they use the Bio-Ship?
5. Do Clark, Lois, and Jonny reside in Metropolis?

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. She kept Lane.

3. No spoilers.

4. You're forgetting about Super-Cycle.

4a. I can't remember off the top of my head.

5. Yes.

Response recorded on May 13, 2022