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Anonymous writes...

1 Why did the remaining villagers of Atlantis not try to escape while klarion was busy killing savage for 300 days and how did they survive that long?
2 I know klarion as a lord of chaos has excited since the dawn of the universe, but how old would you say his child form pysically is?
3 How pysically old is child’s new human form?
4 Zviad mentioned in “odnu” that he used a psychic nudge passed down from king brion to his people to convince them to activate their meta gene for markovia. Does this mean that people who are effected by zviad’s meta ability can spread the effect to others?
5 Did teekl actually attempt to explain to the light what was happening in “odnu”

Greg responds...

1. There weren't that many remaining villagers. I'm sure some of them did run. All we saw were a couple of frightened orphaned kids.

2. Nine.

3. Um... nine?

4. No. He nudges Brion. Brion speaks patriotically to his people. But there's no second-hand psychics involved.

5. Sure.

Response recorded on May 17, 2022