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Charles writes...

I don’t believe this first question constitutes a spoiler, though the second might.
1) You’ve stated that the chairman/chairwoman of the Justice League is elected by a majority of the League. 1a)Does a chairman serve a term? 1b)if so, how long is the term? 1c)Or do they serve until such time as they resign/the League prefers new leadership?

2) Vandal Savage’s view of encouraging the evolution of the human race can be morally ambiguous, with him acting for the betterment of humanity often at the expense of individuals and smaller groups. This seems to have placed him as both a hero and as a villain at various points in history. Do you think his quest to advance the human race would have allied him with the Allies or the Axis powers in WWII?

To clarify, I’m not stating that Nazi Germany’s genocides would have improved the human race, however, from where I sit, I can see Savage either ignoring the plight of a minority race to strengthen the rest, or opposing the extermination of a race because of the potential that may be lost among their dead. With these two conflicting potentials in a morally horrible decision, I was hoping you might offer clarity into Savage’s character, but I understand if that clarity would cause a spoiler reveal.

Greg responds...

1. They normally serve for a year. Sometimes, as with Jeff this time out, they are reelected to a second term. Most choose not to serve more than one or two years in a row.

2. No spoilers.

3. See my answer to 2.

Response recorded on May 19, 2022