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Jen writes...

How do you feel about DC comics adapting your original characters or your interpretations of minor characters?

For instance, how would you feel if Artemis Crock was made Cheshire's sister on Earth-Prime? Would you take it as a compliment to your choices? Or dislike someone else using your story beats?

You've also made clear that Kaldur'ahm and Jackson Hyde are two different characters to you. Is that because there are too many differences between the two? Or because only the Earth-16 Kaldur will ever be seen the character in your eyes?

Greg responds...

I'm hesitant to address ideas without taking the execution of those ideas into account, but generally (and hypothetically)...

1. I think that'd be cool, again, depending on how it was handled. I like them as sisters.

2. I think there are too many differences between Jackson and Kaldur. I have other behind-the-scene resentments, as well, which are not politic for me to comment on in any more detail.

Response recorded on May 20, 2022