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Fallenlegend writes...

Hey Greg!

I was one of the fans that keep asking an bugging about Mary Marvel (now Sargent) over the years and was pleasantly surprised to see you finally portray her.

I am actually extremely surprised how you caught on that obscure flaw of hers many fans don’t

Of how even in the old fawcett comics she was very very attached to her powers.

I recall there was an issue in the original fawcett run (Mary Marvel issue #4) were it is stated Shazam loses his powers every thousand years. And so did Mary herself.

So she extremely depressed and went crying to the point she felt useless for losing her powers, but still managed to save the day by her own power (similar to what you did) That in contrast to Billy who actually took losing his powers much better.

There are other examples in the comics, but usually she is the one to take it the worst of the marvel family when they get de-powered.

This also how she was corrupted im the infamous, and for some badly written, countdown comics were she got the black suit and went too drunk with power. And sacrificed her morality for power. Twice.

1.-My first question would be, am I right in the money, of you portraying her being too atached to her Shazam form being part of her “core true” and/or inspired by past stories?

Of course asking if she is ever going to transform is a spoiler so I am going to ask about her perspective instead. So my second question is

2-Does Mary consider giving up being Sargent Marvel as a permanent solution? As in does she gave up ever transforming? or just until she rehabilites and manages not too get drunk in power?

I am a bit sad we won’t see Sargent Marvel in action in the future, or the hole marvel family together, but still happy I got my wish on got to see your take on her.

Keep the great work!