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Artemis writes...

Re-watching Gargoyles for the first time in a decade now that it's on Disney+
I could't find anything in the archive. (I did find the answers about Goliath & Demon's ages/changes tho)
1) How old is David Xanatos ? (I'm guessing 37 in the first ep based off Vows)
2) How old is Fox?
3) How long did they know each other vs how long were they dating ?
4) Did anyone sign a prenup ?
5) How many languages do Fox / David speak?

Honestly, despite how dramatic their lives are, they seem like they have a healthy & strong relationship. They both put all their cards on the table & seem to really love each other. I think they have the most honest relationship & will die old & in-love together.

Greg responds...

1. David Xanatos was born in 1955.

2. Janine Renard was born in 1966. Fox was legally "born" in 1991.

3. Uh... they started dating in 1990. Obviously, they met at some point before they started dating, but I don't have an exact date for that.

4. Probably.

5. I'm sure Fox speaks many. And David speaks a handful. But I haven't counted.

Response recorded on June 06, 2022