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Jason Ransleben writes...

Dear Greg, First off I wanted to tell you that Gargoyles is my all time favorite cartoon. I loved the twisting storylines that always kept me guessing what would happen next. Another reason I love the show so much is all the voice talent from actors/actresses that starred in Star Trek shows. I watch the show all the time on toon disney and I know the show was cancelled a while back. This brings me to my question. I was visiting a website called the internet movie database (www.imdb.com) and under Gargoyles it has listed several episodes or movies that were made in 1998 and 1999. I was wondering if you were involved with these and if you know where I could find them? Also I was recently in a blockbuster video and on their preview show they have running in the store there was a segment on gargoyles and it said there are 2 new movies coming out, again are you involved with these and do you know what it is about? Thank you for your time and effort and most of all thank you for creating the gargoyles.

Greg responds...

It sounds like your information is or was innacurate. There haven't been any new episodes since the 96-97 season of Goliath Chronicles. The first season was released on Home Video, but that was also some time ago. A new version of AWAKENING was edited together without my input and placed in a movie syndication package that can occasionally be seen on television. The original 65 episodes air on Toon Disney twice a night. Touchstone is developing a Live-Action Movie. But they don't have a useable script yet.

That's all I know of, and all I think there is to know.

Response recorded on July 26, 2000