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Jacob L Goodheart writes...

Hey Greg, huge fan of your work!
I just have a few questions concerning Spider-Man if you don't mind answering.

1.) The 1990's series had a sort of infamy around it for being heavily censcored to the point where Spidey wasn't allowed to punch his bad guys (They couldn't even call the Sinister Six 'Sinister'). Now your spidey throws punches, but did you have to clear any similar hurdles?

2.) I've always seen Spider-Man as a sort of loner superhero, part of that I think is because of Spectacular since there's no other heroes like Daredevil or the Avengers around to help. Do you consider spidey the same?

3.) I'm not sure if you can answer this or not, but did MJ know that Pete was Spider-Man like in the comics? Or was this a version where she, like everyone else, didn't know.

4.) This is more of a statement, but I love the webshooter sound effect you guys used for this show! I have no idea what it is but I'll sometimes hear the same SFX with other shows and think 'Hey! That's Spider-man's!'

Thanks Greg!