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Jacob Kusnerik writes...

Hey Greg,

LOVING the new Young Justice season! Can't wait to see how it all ends! Episode 13 (most recent as of this writing) was full of twists I didn't expect. Yikes! A little frightened by that stinger though, especially if that's who I think it was. Plus, with you-know-who? Dang! Right in the feels! This will undoubtedly get worse before it gets better, if at all totally. And that ending BEFORE the stinger! MAN!

A few questions I have about Mary though. I know she was Sargent Marvel on the Team for a while before being forced to give it up due to becoming drunk on power. As we've seen, Sargent Marvel is essentially Mary's evil side (like Jekyll and Hyde) that acts like a jerk and thinks she's better than everyone else, perhaps even Billy and Freddy (who I think was also a member for a while too.) Did Mary often times not change back from her other form, perhaps trying to stay Sargent Marvel 24/7, or at least as often as possible, which may have caused others to question? Also, did Mary/Sargeant's attitude cause problems on the Team for a while and rub others (like Conner, Artemis or Kaldur) the wrong way? Perhaps even getting into a fight with the Team before being stopped and Mary going cold turkey? Finally, I have to ask, WHAT caused a girl who's a sister to Billy Batson-one of THE nicest guys in DC and who never had much of a problem- to become so obsessed with power and seemingly being better than everyone through Sargent Marvel? In the comics, her attitude change was largely because she was corrupted by Black Adam's powers, but what about here? Was it being an orphan for perhaps longer than Billy was and not getting what he got sooner? Perhaps she was always secretly jealous he'd gotten a guardian (Dudley) and power by the Wizard before her while she had to scrounge around for so long.

Answer whenever you're able and keep up the good work.