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FallenLegend writes...

Hey GregI’m one of the fans that’s been bugging you about seeing Mary Marvel…I saw the mid season finale of phantoms and just wanted to give you my thoughts on Mary marvel so far.

One one hand, I’m happy you finally got to write her, as she is very under appreciated. And you are a writer I admire, so if anyone is going to give her Justice that’s you.

But still gotta admit, I’m a little nervous about the whole evil Mary marvel arch.

Don’t get me wrong. I am in the minority of fans, but I agree with you that being power hungry it is flaw of hers that goes as early as Fawcett’s Mary Marvel issue #4. A powerless Billy sees losing the power as losing a weight over his shoulders during the fawcett run (other issues) , but Mary, in that issue, just breaks. During new 52 she is the one that gets the more attached to that power too.

Wasn’t a fan of the whole leyline sorcerer thing as sure, the overcoming addiction metaphor is great, but her transforming is kind the point of her character. Just like seeing Sailor moon transform or seeing the witch girls also transform. Just like mAry They are magical girls, so I feel we miss a lot by her abandoning that side

Also I have to say that the whole of her being addicted doesn’t have the same punch as we were told about it’s instead of shown because the time skip. Would have been best seeing her lose herself when she was in the team,

Also With granny being the one that corrupts her in the stingers…makes me ver pay very worried this will be an adaptation of the whole countdown fiasco were she had ugly pink hair, and acted completely out of character.

By the time you red this, Mary might show up again during phantoms, And if she did hope you guys went for the black suit, instead of the ugly pink hair one from apokolips,

Still ! i hope this doesn’t come the wrong way. This wasn’t how I expected to see Mary, but I am a big fans of your writting, so I’ve faith you will avoid the pitfalls of the whole Coundtdpwn Mary Marvel fiasco. Just like you did by adapting the Judas Contract.

Keep the awesome work.

So my question is

What are your thoughts about that ?

Greg responds...

Well, by now, I hope, you've seen the black costume. I'm pretty fond of our version of Mary Bromfield and Sergeant (ahem) Marvel. I haven't read Countdown, so we're not attempting to do a direct adaptation of that. I would've liked to have done more comics that told Mary's story - and that of the rest of the Shazam Family, but it was not to be. Maybe someday in flashbacks.

As to what's next for Mary... well, we'll need to #SaveEarth16 to find out.

Response recorded on July 20, 2022