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ThunderCrash writes...

After the scouring the archives and re-watching episode s there is still something I am not very clear about,
1. When Billy or Mary or Freddy say Shazam, then is it like they are augmented and via magic become older and their bodies become adult like, or is it like something similar to how it's depicted in Miracle Man where there are separate bodies stored in a different plane of existence and they switch bodies , i.e the 18 yr old Billy body is in a separate place(which lets say is some sort of magical dimension) while he becomes Captain Marvel/Shazam.
2. I ask this because of the test of Mary by Dr Fate where she has to fight Sergeant, was the difference between the two(Mary and Sarge) was just a psychological thing and simply a manifestation of Mary's anxieties and fears. Or is that when Mary or Billy actually transform their superpowered selves are slightly different people with slightly different personalities.

Greg responds...

1. No, there aren't two bodies per character, with one in storage, as in Miracleman. Their bodies are transformed magically when they say, "Shazam!"

2. Billy wasn't actually there. Neither was little Mary. Neither was Sergeant. It was all a manifestation of her mind, but in the Tower of Fate, those manifestations were real - and really dangerous. But it has nothing to do with how her powers normally work.

Response recorded on July 20, 2022