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CM3 writes...

1. When Mary faced her demons in the form of Sergeant in Nabu's test, Mary said she could still be a better Hero than Sergeant that she could be just as important and just as powerful, I found this line very ominous, because even while she subdues her demon in that test she's still fixated on being powerful and important to prove that she is someone of value not on being a better person or someone who can help more people. Is this something you have done on purpose to show that she has not yet dealt with her power addiction issues or am I reading too much into it.
2. Also isn't Sergeant and the powers that come with it in a way a part of Mary, trying to renounce it and going cold turkey seems to me not quite the same as say trying to go sober or overcoming a drug addiction, it seems an issue quite similar to dysmorphia. Shouldn't the solution to helping her be confronting and being able to embrace Sergeant and finding a balance instead of while avoiding the issue altogether out of fear. And didn't Black Canary say that if she stopped talking out of fear of making everyone around her go deaf, that wouldn't be a solution. I just can't understand when people like Black Canary and Miss Martian who knows what it's like to do things out of fear, how can they all and much less Zatanna endorse such a solution especially when they already know that is not a solution to begin with. Ofcourse you do deserve the benefit of the doubt since there might have been things that happened offscreen that led to such results being taken. But for me based on that I have seen about Mary and her battle and all the other characters that had to face this same battle it seems too impossible that they will let Mary go forward with her issues with this path especially with Zatanna for example why isn't Mary working with Dinah. I don't mind seeing Mary have this sort of issue but others being okay with Mary taking such an outcome doesn't seem right to me.

I can't thank you enough though for doing such a storyline and clearly you are victorious in getting me to care a lot for a character that I have known for five episodes juggled along with multiple characters, but I am gonna find it a lot harder to comprehend heroes especially those have been under training as part of the Team to end up at this low note in this manner, once again no problem with characters reaching a low point but in this particular manner seems difficult to digest. Also really hoping for a season 5 can't get enough of the show.

Greg responds...

1. I don't think you're reading too much into it.

2. I don't think your parallel quite works. Mary Bromfield wasn't born with the powers of Shazam, not did they come to her naturally. They were gifted to her. A gift very much like a sword with a double edge. Sometimes, you just have to put the sword down to prevent injury. And, yes, there were events and incidents you don't know about - though they are things one might easily imagine - that took place that led to this decision.

Response recorded on July 22, 2022