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NoOneSpecial writes...

Some questions regarding Chaos Lords and their familiars

1. Can a Chaos Lord, in theory make anything in the material world as their familiars? Or does the object and or creature they use need to be special in order to compatible with them? Like was the crystal that became Flaw some way magical itself or was it just a regular piece of crystal? And was the cat that became Teekl something special or was it really just an ordinary cat?

2. Are familiars limited by whatever forms they have or are they generally equally powerful in most cases? Could Teekl say, take the same level of punishment that Flaw could, or is Flaw more durable because he is made of a crystal substance? Seemed like Flaw was impervious to most attacks, whereas Teekl could get knocked around much more easily. Likewise Teekl was killed by Flaw breaking her neck whereas Flaw was much harder for the heroes to put down.

3. When Klarion was using the bus as his anchor, does mean the bus was his familiar at that time? If not, then how was the bus distinct from Teekl?

4. Nabu referred to Klarion and Teekl sharing the 'bond of naming', making Teekl his anchor, but Child only named Flaw after she chose him as his familiar and gave him a name as a 'gift'. So, do Chaos Lords have to name their familiars to make them good anchors?

5. Klarion said that the 'cat', has to look for him. Now Klarion’s inability to explain things clearly in general notwithstanding, what does this mean? Was Flaw looking for Child when they bonded? Or is this more a case of every Chaos Lord is unique in how they chose familiars?

Greg responds...

1. It wasn't a crystal. It was a diamond. And, yes, both the diamond and the two cats were special. They were also ordinary.

2. Flaw is more durable because he wasn't a crystal, he was a diamond, the hardest substance, etc.

3. No. An anchor and a familiar are not equivalent. Nabu's helmet is his anchor. It doesn't have a personality or independent life. A familiar can anchor you to the plane, but it is not merely an anchor.

4. Teekl Two anchored Klarion, but was not merely an anchor. And, yes, naming a familiar has power.

5. More the latter.

Response recorded on July 26, 2022