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Onha21 writes...

Hello Greg !
First, i'am a big fan of your work for years now, the author job is absolutely amazing and you are one of the best for me.
But here I have one question that torture me for weeks since I have seen the masterpiece "Spectacular Spider-Man"
If the season 3 to 5 has happened... Would Peter have left Gwen somehow and ended up with Mary Jane? I dont have to judge your answer I just want to know how I have to see the charaters now... Because one thing that I really love about what you did of Mary Jane, is letting her be a incredible character on her own, not by Pete, and I cant see this Pete with this version of Mary Jane personally, and his relationship with Gwen is for me a masterpiece and one of the major good point of the series.
Deep inside of me I hope that your plan was to do Pete - Gwen the final relationship but I'm not the author here...

With all my respect, thanks for all what you did and will do, we will continue to support you <3

P.S I search for an hour now in the respond and unrespond questions and however I try to formulate the key word of the search bar, I always end with hundreds of question, I read tens of them without fiding one like mine so sorry if this was already post and/or respond, and if it was I will be gratefull to the moderator who is reading me (thanks for this giantfull work that you did for more than 10 years) to link me this post

2nd P.S : My english is really not perfect but I did my best, French are not known for their english talent haha.

Again thanks for all <3 in the past, the present and the future.