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Mark writes...

Hi, I had a few questions regarding the Javelin and space travel in YJ.

You recently confirmed that all of YJ takes place within the Milky Way galaxy. Episode 402 tells us that the Javelin can get from the other side of the galaxy to Earth in just two days. That seems like an incredibly fast speed for a setting where everything takes place within a single galaxy.

1) Is this kind of speed typical of interstellar ships in Earth-16, or is the Javelin an uncommonly fast vessel (like the Interceptor in Green Lantern TAS)?

2) Is the Javelin purely Earth-designed and built, borrowed tech (like the Watchtower), or an Earth design built upon alien technologies (like the Earth ships in Stargate)?

3) How fast is the Warworld? (Not asking for a numerical speed, just similar to or signifcantly slower/faster than the Javelin)

4) Similarly, how fast are Green Lanterns using just their rings?