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Spectacular Spider-Geek writes...

Hi Greg,
I had a couple of additional Spectacular questions.

1. How does the Osberry work? I understand how Goblin’s Osberry was able to show a full layout of the vault considering who Goblin is. I’m more confused on how Black Cat was able to pull up a map in order to navigate through the prison.
2. In Accomplices, how did everyone track Roderick Kingsley for the final battle? It looked like he just parked at a random parking garage but maybe I’m wrong.
3. This is kind of a follow up to my previous post, but was Menken aware of Norman being the Goblin? He definitely knows of Norman’s dealings with supervillains and gangsters since he held the summit in Accomplices. but I’m wondering if he knew that he was being set up by Norman.

Thanks Greg. Looking forward to more Young Justice in the Spring!