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Suzie writes...

1. Were the Guardians of the Universe aware of what happened on Rimbor and if so why didn't they inform Hal, John, Guy or the Justice League?
2. What happened between Green Arrow and Black Canary in Season 3? Did they break up or stay together?
3. Why did Lagoon Boy leave the Team between seasons 2-3 and he is a member of the Alantian Royal Guard like Wyynde?
4. Why did Karen and Mal leave the Team?
5. There's been a lot of debate about this so I want confirmation. By the start of season 3, Superboy seemed to step back from taking part in active missions, but appeared he was Miss Martian's second in command until he later rejoined in the second half of the season. In short was Superboy still a member of the Team by Season 3?