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Nick writes...

Hi Greg! Sending all the good vibes I have to whenever you're reading this, hoping we have a Season 5. Young Justice absolutely deserves it and I dearly hope that the powers that be grant you, Brandon, and your whole crew and cast the chance to complete that original five-season outline... and hopefully more! #NeverTheEnd

Anyway, I have a few questions that pertain to Season 3. I don't think Season 4 will touch on them and I don't think they're particularly spoiler-y, but I understand if you can't answer them.

1. In "Rescue Op," M'gann makes a point of saying that no one is currently living on the Watchtower as part of the reason why she decides to have Forager bunk up with Brion in Bio-Ship. Two episodes later, we see Orphan in action alongside Robin's team. Given that the flashback in "The Lady, or the Tigress?" contains the Season 2 designs for the Bats, I'm interpreting that as to mean it happens before Season 3. So if Orphan wasn't living on the Watchtower (which makes sense since she wasn't a member of the Team) or in any of the hero teams' HQs, where was she living, considering she's a minor and all? Pretty confident it was Barbara or Bruce based on what we saw in S4, but if the answer is more spoiler-y than that, I understand. Really enjoyed seeing Cass so prevalent in Artemis's arc and I'm excited for whatever comes next!

2. On that note, were Dick and Barbara living together in Season 3? The only time we saw anything resembling 'home scenes' for Dick was at Barbara's apartment, but he certainly just have been stopping by. Still, I'm curious given their renewed relationship status in OUTSIDERS.

Very excited for Catwoman: Hunted and can't wait for Season 4B! Hope you're having a good day.