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Paul writes...

A few questions about Mary Bromfield:

1) I know she was just an illusion in this scene, but what was the biological equivalent age of the little Mary that we saw in "Teg Ydaer!"?

2) I noticed that little Mary was wearing a white dress, and then when she transformed into Sergeant, she was also wearing white. This reminded me of how Billy wore red (with blue) and that his Captain Marvel colors are/were predominantly red. Are the Marvels' color schemes specifically based on what they like to wear when they first transform at a young age or is this just a co-incidence?

3) Obviously the marionettes we saw in Thirteen's scenes were exaggerated versions of those characters (Zatanna, Blue Beetle and Beast Boy) with all three of them sounding a bit different and far more chirpy (Beast Boy even sounded like he did in the original Teen Titans cartoon) so it's fair to say that those were NOT accurate depictions of those characters. They were exaggerations and reflections of how Thirteen viewed them. Therefore, is it fair to say that the very pushy little Mary Bromfield and the super angry Sergeant Marvel were NOT accurate depictions of how little Mary and Sergeant typically behaved? Would it be right, instead, to say that what we saw of little Mary and Sergeant was some sort of extreme exaggeration, based on how Mary of Team Year Ten thinks of those versions of herself when looking back?

4) Possible spoiler request here, but I would like to ask anyway while I'm here: has Mary Bromfield been raised by a wealthy family in Young Justice, like she was in the original comics?