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Suzie writes...

1. When Miss Martian was acting affectionate with Lagoon Boy in front of Superboy in season 2 did she did do that on purpose to make Superboy jealous?
2. How long exactly was Miss Martian abusing powers? Did she start abusing them in 2015 or longer?
3. When Conner died, did anyone like Artemis, Dick or Kaldur try and contact M'gann after learning the news or has no one spoken to her and are waiting for her return to Earth?
4. Do you regret that Zatanna's feelings over the loss of Conner got no focus during her arc? A lot of fans were hoping for some insight into their friendship since they've had very little on-screen time together.
5. Is Black Canary dealing with her own grief in regards to Conner's death? Did she ever consider him like a protege or maybe family due to their closeness in season 1?