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Fallenlegend writes...

Just some questions about the Phantom Zone.

In Alan Moore’s seminal story “Whatever happened to the man of tomorrow” the phantom Zone was a place so scary even the 5th imp Mxyzptlk feared being trapped. And he is nearly Omnipotent . yet in your version it seems it is child’s play for people like Zatana

1.- Why did you decide to make the Phantom Zone less formidable to hold magic beings ins your version? Not complaining just curious.

2.- Many powers don’t seem to work on the zone, like Rocket’s fields,but magic oaks without any issue. Why is it an exception?

3.- Given Dr Fate is Klarion p rough equal, wasn’t it have been viable for the them to just have wait until he came back to ask him if o take the team into the oahnrom zone safely, rescue Connor and avoid the whole phantoms finale crisis?