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NoOneSpecial writes...

1. Is there any significance to the fact, out of M'aatt and J'aann's 29 children, only 2 of them are A'ashenn and the rest are G'arruunn? Is that a common occurrence amongst mixed families? Would another couple that is A'ashenn and G'arruunn have a majority of children with the one skin color?

2. Why do female Martians specifically need to ask the blessing of their mate's parents?

3. Would the gene bomb have killed any Y'ellonn Martians if they were A'ashenn or G'arruun originally?

4. Mars have issues with prejudice, but generally speaking, how do they take LGBT relationships? Would a Martain who is LGBT face anywhere near the level of prejucie if they were A'ashenn?

5. Is Ma'alefa'ak (animal) a natural predator of Martians or is it just a dangerous, wild animal, e.g like a bear or wolf? Why are Martians so particularly scared of it? When Beat Boy becomes a Ma'alefa'ak, the Martians quickly brain blast him out of fear. I know Beast Boy was particularly vulnerable to such an attack, but would a brain blast be just as effective against a genuine Ma'alefa'ak?