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Matt Zimmer writes...

I'm looking through all these questions and answers and it's kind of troubling me a bit. I can't tell anyone else how to write (and you have been doing it far longer and more successfully than I have) but part of me disapproves of answering all these questions.

Granted, a lot of questions on this site are amazing and deserve to be acknowledged. I just recall how David Lynch responds when a fan demands an explanation for what they just saw: "What do YOU think happened?"

I guess my question boils down to are there any plot points you don't know? Not because they haven't been written or decided yet, but because you believe its ambiguity should be kept up for debate? When I write, I have a bunch of opinions about my story and what my characters are thinking. But for most of it, I like to pretend I could be wrong, and that a reader's different interpretation could be more on-the-ball than my own.

Are there any mysteries in your stories (Gargoyles, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice) that you want to leave up to the fans to draw their own conclusions? Something you could offer your OWN opinion on, but that opinion is not canon or official? If you'll indulge me, could you also give me a couple of examples of your unsolved / undecided mysteries (if they even exist)?