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P.A.G. writes...

Hi Mr. Wiseman, I hope you’re having a good day and wouldn’t mind answering some questions?

1. How many Earth days was a year on Krypton before its destruction?
2. How many hours was a day on Krypton before its destruction?
3. How old was Rao when it exploded?
4. How many light-years was Krypton to Earth?
5. What was the population of Krypton before its destruction?
6. Are devourers originally from the Phantom Zone, or were they put in there?
7. Is the name of the Kryptonian language (the one spoken by Lor-Zod) called Kryptonese?
8. What type of god was Rao revered as?
9. Was the name of said religion Raoism?
10. When did Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman marry?
11. When did Lois find out Clark’s secret about him being Superman?