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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg, thanks again for answering all our q's. 1)You said in one of
your responses that one of the main, gargoyle characters would die
violently. In another response you said that Castaway might (in the future)
kill a gargoyle. I don't want to break your rules by assuming any of my own
opponions on this, but are these two responses any way related? 2)How
long ago was the Guatemalan clan mostly killed out? 3)What happened to
Pendragon's son that Oberon needed to owe him a favor? 4)I know you
told us "Let me surprise you" on the ceremony between the commitment of
Elisa and Golith's relationship, but I'm just wondering one thing...Were
any of their friends there, or were they in privacy? 5)You said that
you had 10 monthes to produce/make the first 13 episodes, but I heard
before that it took a year to make the final copy of an ep. Am i wrong? If
I am, how long should it take to produce a great final copy? 6)I have
noticed that while watching TGC (and I'll take this from the first ep that
you did) the sound affects, and the animation is strikingly similar to the
sound affects and animation the the cartoon, "Spiderman". Was their an
animation/company change between the 2nd and the 3rd season? 7)In
another response you said that Elisa and Goliath barely had a realtionship.
Was the "date" that Elisa and Goliath were planning to have, before being
ambushed at her apartment, in "The Journey", considered to you, part of
thier progress in their realtionship? Thanks for your time! I greatly
appreciate it!

Greg responds...

1. I'm not sure that I said exactly what you're reporting here. I don't
remember. At any rate, I'm not responding to this.
2. Not very.
3. Huh? Oberon owed his own son Merlin a favor.
4. Friends and relatives will be in attendance.
5. "Final Copy"? I'm not sure what that means. From premise to air can
take as little as six months to as much as two years, depending on schedule,
staff, money, etc. Obviously, the more time, the better the odds that the
quality will be high in the end result. Time is no guarantee of quality, but
it sure helps.
6. Yes.
7. I'd say it was progress, though aborted progress. You'll notice
Elisa did dress up for it. (GDW/12-15-97)

Response recorded on December 15, 1997