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Vashkoda writes...

Ok, let me cut my question into smaller bits (again, based on your revelation that "Thailog/Deliah wasn't over from my POV"). 1a) What exactly were you implying by the above statement? 1b) What is the nature of the Thailog/Delilah interaction you are implying in the above statement? 2) Will Thailog and Delilah resume their prior relationship? 3) When will the encounter/relationship implied by your statement occur (a general idea of the time, if possible, in relation to other events in the show (ie: several months after Hunter's Moon)). 4) How long will this encounter/relationship last? 5a) What would be Delilah's level of intelligence during this encounter/relationship with Thailog? 5b) How far would she have advanced beyond her original programming at the time of this encounter (or at the beginning of it, if it lasts any significant period of time)? 6) Was Delilah's attraction to Thailog that we saw in "The Reckoning", entirely a product of her programming, or was there something more? 7a) Is Thailog capable of true love? 7b) If the answer to 7a is yes, is he willing to admit/express these feelings, or will he deny them as Xanatos did until the end of "Eye of the Beholder"? 8) Considering how much of Xanatos's way of thinking was programmed into him, how concerned with immortality *is* Thailog?

Greg responds...

1a. That their story hadn't ended.

1b. I'm not telling now.

2. Not exactly.

3. Don't have it nailed down with that kind of precision.

4. Not telling.

5a. Her intelligence has never been in question.

5b. Don't know.

6. All of the above.

7a. Everyone's capable. Doesn't mean everyone allows it to happen.

7b. Depends.

8. Less.

Response recorded on July 29, 2000