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Duncan Devlin writes...

WQhen Oberon's children spent the millenium among the humans, how did those who took human form avoid the "...cannot directly interfere in human affairs" ruling.
By marrying Halcyon Renard, Titania severely altered his life, and anyone who gets married will need records, which will cause some form of interference.
In fact, what constitutes inteterferance, since Banshee had been screwing around with the locals for years (if I remember correctly).

Greg responds...

What they feel they can get away with, generally.

Take your Titania example. Oberon ORDERED her (and the others) to learn about mortals. Taking a mortal form (and artificially producing whatever necessary records are required) was fulfilling that order. She could justify marrying Halcyon as part of her "course work". Etc.

Response recorded on June 27, 2001