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puck<40> writes...

A question I asked earlier dealing with Oberon's Law of non interferance...
"3. If they are magically restricted, how much of a strain does that put on Oberon himself?

3. None, anymore. It's a done deal. "

1. Does this mean something is in place that could be taken down to remove the law?
2. Is Oberon bound to it just as strictly as his "children"?
3. Trying to understand this in full. I *think* I have it now. hee hee. So..... A fae cannot physically or magically *break* the law in any circumstances. Even Oberon himself. If they tried, nothing would happen since its a restriction on themselves. But if they can justify it in there minds, it provides a back door, hence the possibility. Meaning it might come easier to *some* fae than others... hence like ones who can twist meanings of ones words like no tomorrow. But the restriction is a more of a physically mental one (oxymoron 9.9;) to if they can't justify it, they can't do it. That about right?
4) Do some things take priorty over others? A for instance, Puck changes *all* the humans into gargoyles and vice versa. I can only come up with two reasons, being bound by iron and commanded to do it takes priority. Or since the humans and gargoyles never noticed the changes themselves, it didn't interefere with there lives. o.O Kinda curious. ^.^
5. a)Mab. would she be considering among the "first generation" of fae? b)Would Oberon be of second generation? c) Would Puck be Third?
6. And just a comment. ^.^ I like how you don't quantify power, because it comes in so many different forms. For instance, Oberon was magically weaker than Mab, but in terms of "power", he defeated her. anyways, just a comment.

Greg responds...

1. Huh?

2. Yes. But he's also the interpreter of his own edict. So if he can find a mental loophole, it exists. In one sense, that's true for all of them. The difference is that if Oberon later disagrees, then the transgressor may be in trouble. So everyone else has to be more careful than Oberon himself.

3. Yes. Exactly. More or less.

4. Both, I guess. He's trying to obey the law, I suppose. Mostly, he's trying to stick it to Demona for imprisoning him. He's more or less off the hook as he's Demona's slave. Oberon's more likely to punish her than him.

5abc. More or less. I'm not going to stratify things at this point.

6. YES!! Exactly.

Response recorded on June 28, 2001