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Aris Katsaris writes...

I'm not certain I understand various plot-elements of Timedancer...

1) Why can't Brooklyn control the gate? Doesn't he know the words of the spell?
2) For that matter how will he manage to keep his family together though his travels if the Phoenix Gate is randomly taking him in and out of timelines? Do they always remain within a few meters from each other or something, just in case the Gate decides to hop?
3) Finally after so many years of time-travel and since he has already made himself a new family - why wouldn't Brooklyn simply decide to stay in another time-period? I think I would if I was in his place...

Greg responds...

1. He never has the gate in hand.

2. No. It causes problems here and there.

3. You're not Brooklyn though. He wants to get back. And he did get back. So he does get back. As Dave said: "Time travel's funny that way."

Response recorded on September 17, 1999