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Lexy writes...

Hello Greg, heres my Q's:

You said that Brooklyn would be helping Mary and Finella. Does he by anychance go back to Wyvern and see him and his buds frozen in stone? not a meaningful question I know..but..just wondering.


You said that our hero would find himself in China at some point and it was there that he would aquire Fu dog. I guess I just assumed,...yaya..I know what they say about that, that Fu dog would be Nashville's pet. I guess I just have a boy and his dog complex going *shrugs*
Is Fu Dog Brooklyn's Dog or Nashville's dog?

Who named him?


Greg responds...

Yes, Brooklyn would have made a stop at Wyvern at some point in his TDancing.

Fu Dog is a Gargoyle Beast. Not a dog. He's not exactly anyone's pet. But Brooklyn finds him before he meets Katana.

As for who names him. Well, Brooklyn, sort of. That's just what they call 'em in China.

Response recorded on March 19, 2000