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Scott Iskow writes...

I hope you don't mind some more TimeDancer questions. I checked the archives, and most of the questions were along the lines of "Who is Brooklyn's mate?" and "Who becomes Brooklyn's mate?" Let's hope these are less redundant for you. :)

1) When Brooklyn is finished with his time-traveling... how does he know he's actually finished? What makes him think the Gate won't whisk him away again?

2) Once the initial shock is over, how will Broadway and Lexington react to the relatively sudden change in Brooklyn due to the whole TimeDancing thing?

3) What happens to the Gate when Brooklyn's done with it, (or perhaps when it's done with Brooklyn)?

4) Does Brooklyn (or Katana) suffer permanent injuries from their traveling? By this I mean scars, loss of limb, and whatnot.

Thanks, Greg!

Greg responds...

1. For starters, he's back where he started. Also he's been chasing the gate. Once he arrives at his final (i.e. his starting) destination, he has no reason to chase it anymore. And finally, it's a visual thing.

2. They'll have to get to know each other from scratch. But it was meant as a startling reminder that the three were "growing up". They would always be best friends. And always there for each other in a crisis. But the days of the "TRIO" being joined at the hip were sliding away.

3. Gate starts over. A perfect paradox.

4. Brooklyn does actually. Mostly they just get older and more parental.

Response recorded on June 23, 2000