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Lexy writes...

Hello again,

Hey, Did Katana decide to leave with Brooklyn willingly or was it an accident?

Weather she left with him willingly or not, was it the first time he had timedanced there? ..probably ya ..but..*shrugs* just wanted to get my facts strait.

Would it have taken Katana, not to mention others, a lot of time to believe Brooklyn's story? I mean..A time travleing gargoyle with a fu-dog? Come on..someone had to be dipping into the sake right?

Again..probably a couple of no duh questions..you did say that besides the future Brook would have spent the most time there so they probably got to know one another..but hey. You can always tell me to check the archives right?:)

Greg responds...

She chose to go with him, but it was a tough choice.

Response recorded on June 30, 2000