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Kalafarski writes...

A couple of questions about the Phoenix Gate....

1. When you named the Gate, back in "Vows" early in Season Two, did you already know that the Gate would be forever trapped in its paradox, that is, repeating its existence from the beginning over and over? This lended itself to the Phoenix namesake, the perpetual rebirth of the Phoenix, just like the Gate keeps restarting its existence. Whether or not you came up with the name first or the paradox concept, kudos to you guys! It's the perfect name.

1b. If the Gate wasn't named for this reason, then why did you name it the Phoenix Gate?

2. You said that after Brooklyn is done with the gate in Timedancer, it will return to its point of origin in the past (the paradox). Out of curiosity, how long before the Gate found its way into Elena's dowry did the Gate "first" appear?

2b. How did the Gate get into Elena's dowry?

Though this might be better left for a response to an upcoming ramble about "Vows," you might have rambled about it already but the time you read this, so here goes. I just wanted to say I think the Gate is one of the more intriguing concepts in Gargoyles, simply because of how you handled it. First of all, it's use fits the Gargoyles story as a plot device that enhances the character's concept of their predicament and "the way things turned out," as opposed to what might have been.

Second of all, you didn't break any rules. Anything that's gonna "happen" on trips to the past has already happened, anything that "happened" on trips to the future is gonna happen, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. It's the perfect time-travel scenario. I just wanted to say good job.

Greg responds...

1. My preference in time travel is the "Working Paradox", so I knew that if I was going to bring Time Travel into the series, I'd want that kind of paradox. The name just seemed to fit. But I don't remember who came up with it.

1b. See above.

2. How do I define "how long" with the Gate?

2b. Ah, now that's a story.

Thanks. It's how I like it too.

Response recorded on August 02, 2000