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Wing writes...

Previously on Ask Greg: I wrote, "Buenos Dias Mr.Weisman,
Here's another question guised in the form of question.
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most severe, How bad was Brooklyn's disfigurement(was that the word used?) after returning from his Dance in Time?
Thank you much. Gracias as it were. Xi Xi. Thanx. etc etc. Much appreciation. Gratitude flowing from pores."
You replied (your questions numbered)"
1>What forms are questions usually guised in?

1>In this forum statements. But usually in Confused looks.
2> My question sprouted from this previous Q&A "4) Does Brooklyn (or Katana) suffer permanent injuries from their traveling? By this I mean scars, loss of limb, and whatnot."
(your response)
"4.Brooklyn does actually."
So, my question would be in that context and restated (but if you answered the original question as well I wouldn't not be pleased),"What was Brooklyn's permanent injury(/ies)?"
Sorry if this is a bit confuddled and befusing. Thanks much and much thanks.

Greg responds...

Not saying now. But I do know.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000