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Scott Iskow writes...

re: TimeDancer

1. Does modern-day Clan Ishimura have any knowledge whatsoever (perhaps in the form of documentation or maybe oral tradition) of Brooklyn's visit centuries earlier?

2. How do Brooklyn's and Katana's children interact with one another? Do they get along, or do their parents have to send them "to the rookery" on occasion? Which one (if any) is the troublemaker? :)

3. I am curious as to how "assimilated" Katana will be by the time her journey with Brooklyn ends. For instance, will she view her offspring as her own, or as children of the entire clan?

4. After his travels, do you think Brooklyn could pass any high school or college history exam? Multiple choice, of course. In other words, will his experiences make him a history expert?

5. How much exposure will Katana and the youngsters have to technology before the journey ends? Would they be able to recognize a computer? Better yet, would they understand the Internet?

6. Have you decided exactly how/when Brooklyn receives his permanent injury?

7. About how often would Brooklyn find other gargoyles on his journey through time? I would suspect it to be a rare occurrence.

8. How do you imagine the TimeDancer theme song? What kind of mood? Any narration? Have you given it any thought yet?

Greg responds...

1. Can't answer that now.

2. They generally get along, but not all the time.

3. By necessity she and Brooklyn will regard these children as their own. Once they get back in the bosom of the clan, they will be happy to share parental responsibility. But nothing can change the bond formed over years of travel and adventure. But I wouldn't call this "assimilation". This, for once, has less to do with gargoyles being influenced by human customs and more to do with the rigors of TimeDancing.

4. True (if scattered and sporadic) history, yes. Not necessarily the stuff in history books that would win him straight As.

5. I don't know about the Internet specifically, but they'll be seeing all sorts of computers. They'll be dancing into the future as well as the past. I think.

6. Yes.

7. Like the Avalon Skiff, the Phoenix Gate seems to lend some purpose to the Dance. So perhaps more often than you'd think.

8. Nope. You're way ahead of me.

Response recorded on September 06, 2000