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Zarok writes...

Something I've been thinking of regarding the proposed Timedancer spin-off. If Brooklyn spends 40 years bouncing back and forth through time then after the first few years, he probably realises that the phoenix gate keeps appearing in front of him. Now the problem starts when he meets Katana and they have Tachi because they would have to keep in close proximity to Brooklyn at all times just in case. This would mean effectively zero privacy, I mean what happens when Brooklyn and Katana want to "do it", do they just toss Tachi a blindfold and tell her to stick his talons in her ears?

Greg responds...

Tachi doesn't hatch until after the ride is over, but there's Nash and Fu Dog to consider.

After a few years of this, Brook's attitude toward the Gate changes. Pretty much a 180 from the way you see it changing.

Response recorded on January 15, 2004