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Patrick Toman writes...

Hi, Greg.

I guess this is sort of a combination ramble and question, growing from a discussion that got started in the TGS comment room.

First, the ramble that explains the origin of my question. I recently saw part of a documentary on PBS about birds (David Attenburough's "Life of Birds" series) and a segment was shown about endangered species of birds being raised by humans from eggs to be released into the wild later. Part of it showed how whooping crane chicks raised completely by humans were being taught how to fly. It was really rather comical... the people were running about flapping their arms, but in the end by mimicing the gestures the young cranes caught on and were able to get into the air for their first flights.

So now to the question... would Katharine, Tom, and the Magus have applied anything similar to help the Avalon hatchlings learn how to glide, or did they simply leave the young gargoyles to their own devices and instincts?

And also related to this... how old must a gargoyle be before it's ready to begin gliding? Does it vary from individual to individual, or does a rookery all mature at about the same rate?

Greg responds...

1. Both, I think. If for no other reason than it would be fun to show in flashback someday.

2. I bet it varies a bit. Just as walking and talking, etc. varies among human children. Even between siblings.

Response recorded on July 05, 2000