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Shavri writes...

My last question brought some others--what is the average biological age a male gargoyle first produces enough sperm to fertilize an egg? For that matter, what is the average biological age a gargoyle(male or female) start puberty? And do some gargoyle males experience something similar to _ahem_ "wet dreams?"(Their stone while they're asleep, so does something like that happen while they're awake?) Thanks, and I hope my questions were not too offensive.(You know how some people are...)

Greg responds...

I'm not offended.

But I also don't have the info here at home I need to give you ages.

I will say that fertility in females is a combination of maturity (i.e. the period between puberty and menopause) and cycle (i.e. matching the bio-flow of the planet).

As for wet dreams? You've stumped me. But masturbation? Sure.

Response recorded on June 29, 2001