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Angie I. writes...

Hi, Greg

I have a few questions about the gargoyles' healing abilities.

1a.) What are the limits of their healing abilities by stone sleep? What types of injuries or abnormalities are beyond its power to heal?

1b.) Can they heal the physical abnormalities that occur over the course of old age? Loss of vision, hearing, possible internal problems such as with the heart. Things like that.

2.) How does the severity of the injury determine how long it takes to heal? For example, a severe bruising and maybe a few small cuts caused by a beating by either fists or blunt objects compared to more lethal and grievous wounds and lacerations caused by either blades, guns or even another gargoyle's claws.

3.) I think you may have been asked this before, but what happens if an appendage is somehow broken off while in stone sleep such as a hand or a part of their tail or horns (if he/she has them)? Would it eventually regenerate the lost part or would it be gone for good?

4.) How severely do you have to injure a gargoyle until it causes a permanent scar? Example, Hudson's scar.

5.) Would partaking in stimulants like alcohol, smoking, drugs and caffeine cause permanent damage as it does in humans? Could they heal it to any degree?

Greg responds...

1a. You want a list?

1b. Old age takes its toll eventually.

2. Most injuries heal over night, but depending on the severity, it may still leave the victim weak. Some injuries never heal. Like Hudson's eye.

3. No it's gone for good.

4. Severely.

5. To some degree. But smoking is very insidious in my book, so in my universe it'd tend to be damaging.

Response recorded on July 06, 2001