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matt writes...

if all the female gargoyles on Avalon only are able or ready to reproduce when the Earth 20-year cycle comes around wouldn't that mean that they would be laying their eggs within a very short time on Avalon? i mean, on Avalon that cycle would come around every 10 months! would the females on Avalon be ready to concieve after just laying an egg?

and lets say that its too soon to be laying another egg and they skip a cycle, that means that they will only lay two eggs in their lifetimes, and if that happened it would be bad for the Avalon clan. first of all, their population would never grow, in fact over time it would probably shrink due to the unequal distribution of males and females, a couple has to have more than two children for any population growth to occur. another problem is that over time (and may i remind you that time is way faster on Avalon) there would be a huge amount of inbreeding, esspecially as the population dropped.

so, the problem is, either Avalon females are birthing their eggs twenty four times faster than gargoyles typically do, or the Avalon clan is doomed to die out.

i'm a bit worried about the fate of the Avalon clan, whats going to happen with them and this problem?

Greg responds...

1st paragraph... No.

2nd paragraph... I don't follow your reasoning here. They have the potential at least to have many MORE children on Avalon.

3rd paragraph... you can't see something between those extremes?

It's an issue. Fodder for stories. I'm not going to reveal the answer here. But don't worry too much about this. After all, they may not survive the return of Mab.

Response recorded on July 27, 2001