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Zeliard writes...

Hi mr. Weisman!

Here are my impressions on the lost moments of "Hunter's Moon 3". First, it was the missing link. When we saw Elisa, Matt and Maria Chavez talking, Elisa was angry toward Jason. At the dam we saw Elisa trying to stop Goliath and Jason. I always wondered why she wasn't angry anymore toward Jason; the lost moment explained all.

It most have shocked Elisa, falling in love with someone who was gonna kill her friends, espacially Goliath. If Elisa shot Jason or called for backup, the incident at the dam could have been prevented, but her heart told her otherwise. The lost moment really took me; this is probably the most dramatic scene since Broadway's "death" in Future Tense. Shame I had to imagine the whole scene in my mind.

Greg responds...

It killed me to cut that scene. It was beautifully written and it contained the theme of the whole three-parter in a nutshell. And full of emotion.

But I had no choice. There was nothing else I could cut...

Response recorded on January 25, 2000