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Ash writes...

1) What are the Matrix's abilities? Can she simply replicate nano-robots inifinately? Or can she crank out toaster ovens, listen in on police broadcasts and surf the WWW?

2) Does the Matrix really want to do good, or does she think that the "law" that Dingo told her about was merely a missing peice of her programming?

Greg responds...

The most interesting thing about your questions to me is that you identified Matrix as a she. This never occurred to me, since Matrix was voiced by Jim Cummings in "Walkabout" and by Jeff Bennett in "Bad Guys". Also, Matrix's basic body shape was male, i.e. there's no sense of female mamary glands in the design. Still, even with all that there's no particular reason to identify it as male. Hmmmm.....

1. Yes.
2. At first, just the latter.

Response recorded on February 02, 2000