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Ambrosia writes...

Hi, again, Greg!
How long do you suppose it would be (in years or whatever) before the ridiculous humans put away their predjudices and, worldwide, it was cosidered perfectly normal for gagoyles, New Olympians, humans, and Oberon's Children to be seen wandering down a street or in a dance club? I'm not saying all humans, or every member of the other races for that matter, will ever completely accept the members of the others (Margot, for example. That woman...!), but do you forsee basic equality for all the races in the future?

BTW, I have to put this in... I was reading through the archives and I came accross Celano's post. S/he's right! That gargoyle mother in The Mirror really did have a beard! I've always wondered about that too...
thanks for your time, Greg! You're my hero!

Greg responds...

I don't remember any beard, and I've seen the episode about 50 times.

As to your real question, I like to think that as a species humans take two steps forward and 1.9 steps back. Meaning that eventually, we get where we should be going. But I'm not going to attempt to set a date on the end of universal prejudice. I'm not in the Utopia business.

Response recorded on March 19, 2000