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Sixshot writes...

About Hunter's Moon 3, this is how I remembered the final battle: Goliath was pounding his fists on Jon's armor. His helm was cracking and was about break. Then Goliath rip the collar off and that's where Elisa came in to stop the fight.

That was the first time I saw the episode 5 years ago, at least how I remembered it. I seen it recently this year, but the scene changed: The pounding scene was removed and only the collar ripping was left. Did my memory play some tricks on me? Do you know if the scene I describe first was the original sequence or my tv station edited the scene?

Greg responds...

It's been awhile for me too, I'm afraid. And my memory isn't quite that specific. My tapes tend to be the version originally aired. Not those later corrected or re-edited by Toon Disney. I'm slowly rewatching all the episodes. Remind me when I get close.

Or come to the Gathering in Los Angeles this June. Lots of tapes there.

Response recorded on February 15, 2001