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Jim R. writes...

Questions on "The Mirror":
1. In the beginning, we see Elisa undercover as a nightwatchman or should I say "nightwatchwoman." Anyways, I'm sure anyone who watched real closely notices that when she looks in the mirror simply to beautify her hair, and then suddenly hears the noise of Demona approaching. She rotates quickly to see, but her reflection in the mirror does not. It remains the same image from only seconds before. Was this merely an animation mistake? Or was it intentional because it is Titania's mirror?
2. How did Elisa and Goliath know that Demona was going for the mirror? Kinda weird that by chance they just happened to be there, but I know there was some pre-existing knowledge of Demona's plan when we hear Goliath say, "At least she didn't get the mirror."
3. How did Demona manage to rent out an apartment or maybe even the whole building where she had the mirror delivered?
4. After Puck does his first major city-wide transformation, he falls unconscious. Demona picks him up, and we see her sort of taking advantage of his levitational ability to escape into the subway where the other gargs persuing fall short because lack of wind. Why is it that Puck can still fly even though unconscious? Or was he?
5. Why did Bronx not get transformed earlier?
6. Was the trash can (that I think Hudson used to trap Puck, but I don't remember accurately) made of iron or have traces of iron ore in it? I suppose it would have to in order to trap Puck, but most metal trash cans are usually made of aluminum.

Greg responds...

1. It was intentional to hint that the mirror had magical properties.

2. They didn't know. But they guessed right. It seemed like a tempting prize for the likes of Demona or Macbeth or Xanatos.

3. She owns that house and has for decades. A person with a lot of money can make arrangements.

4. She's not using his levitational ability. She's just leaping around. She has powerful legs.

5. He wasn't there.

6. Yes, it was an old iron trash can.

Response recorded on June 21, 2001