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matt writes...

woohoo! its my birthday, though by the time you read this it'll probably be either November 22nd, 2002 or January 3rd, 2003... am i close?
some more questions on "The Price":

1. what actually WAS the "magical" powder that the Macbeth robot tossed on Hudson?

2. why did Xanatos only program the MacBeth robot with a few sentences. Coyote can have long conversations, but Macbot (as i've started calling him) only knew a few words? wouldn't programming him with more dialogue made him more believable to the Clan?

3. would Bronx's stone skin worked in the Cauldron spell?

4. besides stone skin and water were there any other ingrediants for the spell? if so, what were they?

5. do you think Goliath and the Clan could've convinced Demona to help them break Hudsons sleep spell had it been real and they had sought her out?

thanx Greg!

Greg responds...

It depends if you consider between 17 and 14 months close.

1. Glitter.

2. Sure. But resources are more limited than you might imagine.

3. Sure.

4. Like I'd tell you.

5. Kinda moot. But it's possible. She hated Macbeth, afterall.

Response recorded on March 09, 2004