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Gipdac writes...

I was just reading the FAQ, and came across this

"During the time of Caesar Augustus, gargoyles would come to his court, and when they awoke at night their clothes would be torn to shreds. Augustus was a man of strong "family values," and in AD 10, he had a powerful mage (the original Magus) cast a Spell of Humility on the race. As a result, anything they considered "theirs" would turn to stone with them if they were in physical contact with it at sunrise."

Okay, but in The Mirror Hudson (I think) said you have to both hear and see magic. Dose this mean that the entire gargoyles race was in at the casting of the Spell of Humility and was in Rome? (I guessing the Magus cast the spell in Rome)

Greg responds...

Most magic has that requirement, but some spells are more powerful. Particularly when you combine the Grimorum with the Eye of Odin and the Phoenix Gate.

Response recorded on February 14, 2002