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Benjamin Gilbert writes...

Suppose, for the sake of argument, that Gargoyles came back on the air next fall, in a one-hour prime-time slot (i.e., potentially large mainstream audience). With you running the show.

How would you deal with continuity? It will have been several years since the beginning of the series, and you can hardly expect that more than a small percentage of your audience will have seen the original episodes. And you can't exactly open the show with "Previously, on Gargoyles: the clan and the Magus and sleep spells and Xanatos and Demona and Macbeth and the Weird Sisters and the Pack and the Coldtrio and City of Stone and Avalon and the Third Race and the World Tour and Fox and Alexander and Owen/Puck and Sevarius and the mutates and Derek Maza and the clones and the Hunters and Hunter's Moon." But if you ignore all those things, you're essentially starting the series over, with a blank slate. And it seems to me that there are limits to the amount of back-story that could be worked in gradually; for people who haven't seen The Gathering, for example, I'm not sure how you could explain Owen/Puck's situation without making it look artificial...


Greg responds...

Ah, ye of little faith. And ye, who doesn't check the archives to know that I've answered this BEFORE!!!!!!

Look, I'd treat the series as brand new with a new audience who knows nothing. I simply would be loyal to the already established continuity for the existing fans. I have faith, even if you don't, that I could work in the necessary backstory over time.

I also have been thinking about picking up more or less exactly where I left off. In 1996. I simply wouldn't date it or show shots with the WTC in it. That is, I'd save the dates for the hard core fans here on the internet. Eventually, we'd catch up to the present.

Ultimately, I haven't decided what I'd do. And I'm not going to unless or until it happens.

Response recorded on June 02, 2003