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RenegadeEXER writes...

Dear Mr. Weisman,

The Gargoyles show is the only show that i can truely say will remain in my mind to have been produced by disney. I appreciate you creativity and input on a show of this kind.
My questions are:
Are there any plans at this time involving the Gargoyles series.
- What happend to the relationship between of Goliath and Elisa

- Did you really want to end the series the way you did when you did.

on a personal note the 3rd season skipped over me as the show and time changed along with the station that showed it but the hunter's moon series in my opinion showed the series in a light that wasn't always typical in a disney associated production, I guess thats why I liked it more.

Greg responds...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm going to refer you to the archives or the FAQ for the answers to your questions. It's all been covered before.

Response recorded on August 22, 2003